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holy fuck, thing about how pureblood wizards would react to reading things like “the hound of baskervile” and other mystery books where the muggles expect a magical source for troubles but its just other muggles and this just throws wizard born kids right the fuck off.

like of course the ghoul from scooby doo is haunting that place thats what they do wAIT HOLY FUCK YOU MEAN IT WASNT A GHOUL? WAAAT and muggle born wizards just chuckling to themselves

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Reblog if you want a terrible, 3 sentence fan fiction in your ask, based on your url

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Ron! Ron! Don’t forget the man who killed your best friend’s parents!

#ron don’t forget the main plot twist

I can’t stop looking at the double chin.

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You never know how much they say “Wildcats” in High School Musical til you have to drink everytime they do.

I’m reblogging this not because they say Wildcats a lot but because we’re acting on the assumption that people who are old enough to drink sit around playing drinking games to HSM and that’s beautiful. 


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Latula on a longboard for anon

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*Dives headfirst into cute ship*

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The next time a man starts yelling at you, cut him off and tell him you just can’t talk to him when he’s being so emotional.

*skeletons ooh-ing*

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so both mituna and sollux have the red/blue thing going on of course

but look at sollux’s glasses

and then mituna’s visor

they have different shades of blue

and mituna’s blue is more…